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Organizations and Clubs:
Akron, Ohio - Buckeye Antique Radio & Phonograph Club "BARPC"
Meetings at the North Springfield Presbyterian Church
671 South Canton Rd
Akron, Ohio 44312
See calendar for meeting times
President & Secretary - Bill Mittler ph 330-225-3667
Vice President Ed Kulavick ph 216-228-2947
Treasurer - Laura Horrocks
Club Archivist & Ast Treasurer Kim Graca
Soundings editor Roger Fell ph 440-933-9575 (

Western Pennsylvania: Television and Video Teachers Consortium

Amateur Radio - Wireless Association of South Hills (SW Pa area)

Amateur Radio - BreezeShooters (SW Pa area)

Amateur Radio - North Hills Amateur Radio Club (Pittsburgh)

Antique Wireless Association
Rochester, New York

Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club - Greater Philadelphia Pa.

Old Time Radio :
Author Martin Grams

Estes Auctions - specializing in Antique and Vintage radios

REPAIR PITTSBURGH AREA - Antique Vintage Radio, Audio, Ham, Guitar Amp and Organ:
Phil's TV
Don Polito
110 Sheridan Ave.
Pittsburgh (Bellevue) , PA 15202


The Radio Attic's Archives - amazing collection of radio pictures


Used Parts:

Play things of the past

New/Used Parts and tools:

Antique Electronic Supply
Restoration resources for Antique and Vintage Radio, Audio and Guitar Amps.

Radio Daze
Restoration resources for Antique and Vintage Radio, Audio

Schematics and Capacitors:
Just Radios

Reproduction escutcheons and knobs etc:

Old Time Replications

Reproduction radio backs+:


Reproduction dial covers & Tools for Electronic Restoration:

AnaTek Corporation

Antique Vintage Radios for sale :

The Radio Attic - Radios and more

Radio History, Restoration Guides (DVDs, Books etc.):
Brets old Radios

Universal Radio - Commercial/Ham gear and good selection of Books

West-Tech Services Phonograph & Radio repair and restoration resources

Wood Restoration:

You Tube and related web radio type links

TV trash scrubber project

Alternate Use of Long Wire Antennas Discovered.

PARS publications on LuLu
At site search with "PARS"
Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society Publications
David W. Kraeuter, General Editor

1. A Bibliography of Frank Conrad, (Third Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $10.81, Download $6.25)

2. The U.S. Patents of Reginald A. Fessenden, (Second Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $10.48, Download $6.25)

3. A New Bibliography of Reginald A. Fessenden, (Second Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $10.83, Download $6.25)

4. The U.S. Patents of John H. Hammond, Jr., (Second Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $10.82, Download $12.50)

5. An Interview with Harold Beverage, Richard Brewster, (Second Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $11.01, Download $6.25)

6. Radio and Television Reminiscences: Raymond M. Bell in the Pittsburgh Oscillator, (Third
Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $19.38, Download $6.25)

7. Electronic Essays, David W. Kraeuter, (Fifth Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $14.00, Download $6.25)

8. The U.S. Patents of Harold S. Black, Jack S. Kilby and Robert N. Noyce, (Second Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $10.78, Download, $6.25)

9. The U.S. Patents of Stuart W. Seeley (with a bibliography of Seeley’s writings), (Second Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $10.78, Download $6.25)

10. Ten Patents from Radio History, David W. Kraeuter, 2007.
(Paperback $20.70, Download $6.25

11. Frank Conrad’s Radio Patents: The Complete Texts, (Second Edition), 2007.
(Paperback $10.50, Download Free)

12. Electronic Reviews: Hundreds of Thoughts on 100 Books, David W. Kraeuter, 2008.
(Paperback $13.68, Download $6.25)

13. The 3 Strikes Camp Stories, Karl Laurin, 2008.
(Paperback $5.95, Download $2.50)

14. Vintage Radio Redux, Karl Laurin, 2008.
(Paperback $11.43, Download $3.75)

15. A Radio Patent Chronology, David W. Kraeuter, 2009.
(Paperback $11.99, Download $5.00)

16. 25 Years of Electronic Reviews, David W. Kraeuter, 2011.
(Paperback $8.92)

17. The Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society at 25, 2011.
(Paperback $5.14, Download $0.99)